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Majority of leaders across Asia considered biased in their hiring process, Hays diversity & Inclusion Report finds 03 Mar 2020

Organisations across Asia have been ramping up their efforts to mitigate bias in their recruitment selection process in the last year. However, the latest Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) report by leading recruitment experts Hays revealed that most employees across Asia still believe business leaders carry a bias towards hiring people who look, think or act like them.

Hong Kong's disrupted supply chain labour market sees rise in contract/temporary roles 03 Mar 2020

Caught in the tariff crossfire between Washington and Beijing, Hong Kong is seeing an economic slowdown that has positioned cost-efficiency as a top priority for the region’s supply chain industry. For the labour market, this means slower recruitment activity, a rising preference for hiring contract and temporary workers over permanent staff, and a demand for planning and procurement functions alongside technical knowledge.

Majority of Hong Kong employers keen on hiring overseas returnees, citing 'language and communication skills' a key advantage 03 Mar 2020

The majority of employers across Asia capture the workforce diversity data of those they select and hire, and the majority of employees across Asia believe that the usage of workforce feedback for understanding demographic engagement is a positive thing. However, only half of them are confident that such data is being effectively used to inform their candidate attraction strategy, reveals the latest Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) report by leading recruitment experts Hays.

Wage stagnation and structural changes in the labour market underpin skills mismatch 03 Mar 2020

Recent years have seen a widespread drop in global unemployment rates but what continues to puzzle economists has been the subsequent failure of wage inflation to follow suit. This has created an unusual phenomenon of wage stagnation across global markets, according to the eighth edition of the Hays Global Skills Index (‘the Index’), a report published today by recruitment experts Hays in collaboration with Oxford Economics.

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