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Dramatic rise in demand for talent in a supply short market

In recent months, recruitment activity for life sciences professionals in Hong Kong SAR has mostly recovered, driven primarily by strong policy support and healthy investor activity.
As the pandemic situation stabilises, some areas have seen a dramatic rise in demand for talent. However, the stringent academic qualifications required in these roles has severely limited the candidate pool. Undoubtedly, those who meet these criteria will see a sizeable boost in negotiating power and salary.
With AI and machine learning expected to drive innovation in the life sciences industry, we’ve observed that some organisations are beginning to prioritise digital skill sets. If you’re a candidate looking to enter the job market, make sure to proactively invest time in upskilling in this area.
On the flip side, businesses need to be more aware of candidates’ shifting expectations, and realise that while salary is important, there are other differentiators when candidates evaluate offers, such as career development.
Read the Inside Story of Life Sciences in Hong Kong SAR for more insight on candidate expectations and talent strategies. 
Key highlights:
  • Driving factors behind the dramatic rise in demand for talent
  • Top hiring trends in life sciences in Hong Kong, including in-demand roles and skills
  • Tips to attract and retain life sciences talent
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