Over the past twelve months, Hong Kong’s businesses have born witness to a period of uncertainty and upheaval. It is a state of affairs that is likely to endure into the coming year, says recruiting experts Hays, as part of the territory’s top 10 talent trends for 2021. With unprecedented disruption facing all sectors, one of the most prominent talent trends for the coming year can be seen in how companies come to terms with the ‘new normal’. Right across the spectrum, companies are turning to talent who are experienced in wide ranging technological projects to guide them through this tumultuous period.
Talent target areas include AI and machine learning, e-commerce and digital service implementation, all of which lead to streamlined operations and greater versatility. As a result, IT professionals are being encouraged to fast track their careers by gaining exposure through the numerous contracting opportunities that are available.
Aside from technology, companies are preparing for the uncertainties of a potentially weakening economy by seeking out candidates with restructuring experience. In the Investment Banking & Asset Management space, this will take the guise of product restructuring candidates, in HR employers will continue to seek talent who have experience in leading business transformation, while in the insurance sector employers require candidates who possess the ability to foster a strong culture of change, are able to influence a wide range of stakeholders and can challenge the traditional process of balancing business risks.
“With ‘change’ being the watchword for 2021, businesses everywhere are pursuing candidates who are adaptable and versatile,” says Jack Leung, Regional Director for Hays in Hong Kong SAR.
“We are seeing more and more millennials stepping into these roles, with their flexibility and more diverse and inclusive outlook on business. They also place a greater importance on education and hold a firmer grasp on technological advancements, meaning that they are increasingly being preferred over more traditional management structures.” 
“This is particularly prevalent in supply chain, where the movement of manufacturers dealing directly with end customers has rendered the traditional structure irrelevant, but it is by no means restricted to that sector, and similar advancements are being seen right across the board. This means that for everyone else, it is of the utmost importance that more of an emphasis is placed on upskilling and self-improvement.”

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