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Tide over long absences and skill shortages with reduced costs and downtime.

An increasing number of employers in Asia are looking at temporary workers and contractors to support diverse and specific business needs. These can range from project-based work to unexpected absences or skill shortages.

With more than a decade of on-the-ground recruiting experience in the region, Hays offers dedicated and comprehensive flexible recruitment solutions that deliver premium candidates through a streamlined, fuss-free and employer focused model.

Our specialist recruiters employ stringent compliance standards to help you find highly skilled workers who can bring focused experience, instant impact and fresh perspective to your organisation.

Our flexible recruitment solutions will provide your team or organisation with:

  • Agility – Access a pool of highly specialised talent available at a moment’s notice
  • Headcount Management – Our contractors are employees of Hays, so payroll and administration rest with us.
  • Reduced Costs – Only pay staff when you need them and save on external advertising
  • Saved Time – Let a flexible worker handle your project overflow (and leave the sourcing, interviews and negotiations to us)
  • Employee Retainment – We prioritise and engage our workers, so you can retain them for the tenure of their contract
  • Predictability - All costs are agreed upfront, allowing you to easily manage budgets with monthly invoicing
  • Flexibility & Responsiveness -  Adapt your workforce to the fluctuating needs of your business without the risk of long-term commitment.
  • Temp-to-Perm – Assess temp candidates as a fit for future permanent roles

Speak to a dedicated consultant now to find out how Hays can help you track down the perfect temp or contract candidate to suit your business needs.

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