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Benefits of temporary assignments


Over the past few years we have seen employers increase their use of “temps” and now consider it an integral part of their work force strategy.

Many candidates develop successful careers as professional interim workers, and there are many advantages for candidates:

Skills development

Temporary assignments offer candidates a broad depth of opportunities, experience and skills development. You can take assignments that will broaden your expertise, expose you to new industries and diversify your skills and experience, which will make you more attractive and employable in future.

Build your network

On each assignment you’ll meet new professionals in your field. This allows you to build your professional network, which can be invaluable when you want to learn about future temporary assignments or permanent roles.

Contract extension

Most temporary assignments have a finish date, but these can often be extended. In addition, occasionally a temporary assignment leads to a permanent role.

Work/life balance

By working as a professional contractor you can pick and choose your assignments, allowing ultimate control over your work/life balance.

Higher hourly rates

Many candidates are attracted to the higher hourly rates of temporary assignments compared to permanent positions at the same level. Temporary assignments offer a higher hourly rate since in an assignment you do not accrue annual leave or have access to sick or personal leave, and bonuses or other benefits associated with a permanent role are rare. A recruiting expert can advise on current market rates for temporary assignments.

Popular with employers

They are popular with employers since temporary assignments keep the business moving forward by overcoming workload peaks while simultaneously maintaining a degree of flexibility for the future.

A word of warning

It is important for candidates considering temporary assignments to be flexible. You will need to move from assignment to assignment, and workplace to workplace. This constant change, plus the lack of guaranteed ongoing work is not for everyone. But in today’s market, once one assignment finishes candidates usually quickly secure another.

You also need to be adaptable, able to quickly fit into new workplaces and hit the ground running.



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