Hiring new staff from home?

With so many people working remotely, this hub provides everything you need in one place to help you to adapt to the new way of working. As your lifelong career partner in Hong Kong SAR we are with you every step of the way to support you.

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Virtual recruitment methods like video interviews are invaluable in overcoming the challenges of remote hiring.

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Here’s five ways how employers can maintain their workplace culture remotely and successfully manage from afar.

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Frequent 1-2-1’s are essential to successful virtual working – here are our 5 top tips for running them remotely. 

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A key role for leaders is to engage and motivate their team – but how when everything is so uncertain and different?

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Working within virtual teams and managing from afar requires a different approach to managing people. 

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When crisis comes particularly sudden and drastic, coming from a direction no one anticipated – then all emphasis shifts to the leader. How should they step up, do their job and show the way forward?

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Do you think any of the changes we’ve made to our working lives during this crisis will stick in the new era of work?

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Listen to our podcast featuring Gordon Tinline where he discusses the fundamental career lessons we will have learnt from working in the current climate

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Download our PDF guide on how to ensure your remote-working teams maintain emotional wellbeing during any period they work off-site.

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The right video tools can make all the difference when it comes to working remotely. That's why we've put together a list of our favourite video tools that you should be using.

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Read our tips on how you can onboard new starters remotely which is a scenario that could become commonplace in the next era of work.

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One skillset working during this period we would all need to have developed and nurtured is that of 'change ability'. It is tipped to be a skillset that all employers will look for as a core capability in the workforce of the future.

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Manuli Hyrdaulics shares valuable learnings that can help businesses around the world not only endure the COVID-19 crisis, but pivot and grow in the years to come.

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With restrictions around the world beginning to slowly ease, and home working set to become more normalised, many leaders have understandably been wondering how their teams will operate post-crisis.

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As the restrictions that were put in place across the world to combat COVID-19 begin to be lifted and plans to transition back into the office are underway, we can expect a very different workplace to the one we left behind.

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The COVID-19 crisis has transformed the way in which we work in such a short space of time. Simon Lance, Managing Director, Hays Greater China shares his insights from the last four months and considerations for business leaders going forward.

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In just a matter of weeks, the world of work has been shaken by change and uncertainty than it has experienced in an entire generation. The COVID-19 crisis is forcing organisations to transform their business models, find new ways of working and question their very purpose in what feels like the blink of an eye.

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If you work in inclusion and diversity (I&D), you’re may be concerned that years of progress could be lost within this time. Senior teams are reacting to fast-changing government advice, keeping day-to-day business running virtually, and attempting to salvage business dealing with the continued financial fall-out of the crisis.

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If there’s one thing social distancing measures have shown us, it’s that a large percentage of the workforce can work productively and successfully from home.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all areas of business. It has meant organisations and workers alike have had to adapt and be agile to deliver, in some cases, the same job they had been doing one way for some time.

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Shaking hands enthusiastically before a face-to-face meeting, sharing pens to scribble down ideas during a brainstorming session, bonding with our colleagues whilst taking part in a team building session.

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As governments around the world slowly start to ease lockdown restrictions, for many leaders, focus is now firmly on how to return to growth when operating with backdrop of uncertainty and unease. 

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The COVID-19 crisis has brought sweeping change to so many aspects of our lives – where we work being one of them. Some of these changes will be permanent.

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The lockdown period has been a learning curve for both businesses and professionals. We have had to learn how to use new technologies and how to remain productive when outside of the office, all whilst consciously supporting one another’s mental health and wellbeing.

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