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Time and time again it has been proven that more diverse organisations not only outperform those which are less diverse, but are also most likely to attract and retain the most talented professionals. That's why at Hays, we are dedicated to building awareness around gender diversity in the workplace.


In compiling this report and recommendations, Hays spoke to over 11,500 women and men, asking their opinion and views on women in the world of work today.

“While we have seen slight improvements in perceptions of equal pay and career opportunities year on year, in many cases employers are still not doing enough to narrow the gender divide in the workplace. Many would argue that progress towards workplace gender equality is hindered by the lack of people, more often than not men, who fail to see any problem,” says Christine Wright, Managing Director of Hays in Asia.

“Given that most people in senior leadership roles are still men, it’s difficult to see how gender parity can be accelerated when many of those in positions of influence do not see any inequality to begin with," Christine adds.

"Being able to promote one's achievements is a key part of career development and reaching such roles. Employers should ensure opportunities are communicated to all and recognise and draw out the skills and ambitions of those around them.”


View the full report here