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Sales & Marketing

April - June 2014
Updated: 07 Apr 2014



Senior Marketing Executives (B2B & B2C) Junior candidates often change jobs frequently as they prefer to gain more experience in other companies or industries. However, this is a disadvantage in the long run as their stability and commitment will be questioned.

Due to the perceived instability of these candidates, HR and line managers do not feel there are enough senior level professionals with five to seven years’ experience.


Store Managers/Boutique Managers (Retail) There is significant demand in Hong Kong and Macau for these professionals as work permit issues are limiting retailers’ options.


Business Development Managers (Legal) Strong Business Development Managers are in short supply for the legal sector. Consequently law firms will look at candidates from other partnership model organisations.


Wholesale/Franchise/BD Managers (Retail) The retail brands directly own their retail stores in Hong Kong and Macau and many have shifted their focus to drive their wholesale/franchise business in markets such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Philippines. This is creating high demand for Wholesale, Franchise and Business Development Managers. Currently there is particularly high demand for Wholesale Managers in Chinese tier two and three cities.


Senior Sales Managers (IT/ICT/Telco) A mature market is driving fierce competition in the ICT sector and Sales Managers with proven track records continue to be highly valued.




Positions are mainly permanent in sales and marketing and employers are actively hiring. However, they often struggle to retain talent for longer than two years. This is especially the case in retail.


The financial services industry continues to perform well with employers and candidates optimistic for the coming year. Marketing across a wide range of industries is growing healthily with the emerging demand for digital specialists continuing to strengthen.


IT outsourcing roles are increasing due to the emergence of powerful regional players who can offer lower cost outsourcing. Telecommunications companies are trying to increase revenue as fixed line and wireless demand diminishes in the face of data demands.