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april - june 2015
Updated: 14 Apr 2015

Hong Kong’s sales and marketing jobs market is very active. The insurance industry has been hiring senior level corporate communications and product marketing experts, from manager to director level. Once bonuses are paid, vacancy activity will increase as candidates enter the jobs market looking for their next step up.

The FMCG industry has also been actively recruiting talent. In particular, they are strengthening their trade marketing division by adding additional headcount in order to improve their in-store competitiveness.

The retail market is another active area, especially at the store manager level, while across most industries we’re seeing more of a focus on securing digital and e-commerce candidates.

When they recruit, employers typically look for candidates with excellent writing skills in both English and Chinese.

In terms of skills in demand for the April – June 2015 quarter, we’re seeing high demand from insurance companies and retail banks for Product Marketing Managers and Senior Product Marketing Managers. Product marketing professionals within life insurance companies promote products through different distribution channels, while in retail banks they promote products such as credit cards, deposits and lending (loans and mortgage). Candidates with specific product knowledge are needed.

We’re also seeing a need for Trade Marketing Managers with strong experience in the FMCG industry as organisations look to improve their in-store strategy.

Customer Marketing Managers with data analytical skills are highly sought after, especially those who can analyse Nielsen data and derive strategy from data.

Marketing Managers are always in demand to strategise and execute marketing campaigns that will impact sales and brand image.

Digital Marketing Managers are another area of demand. With digital media deeply rooted in our daily lives, there is a growing demand for Digital Marketing Managers who understand consumer behaviours and are able to engage targeted audiences. An ideal Digital Marketing Manager knows how to generate raw content and utilise existing materials to attract consumer attention through different social media platforms.

E-Commerce Managers are sought by brands that are exploring e-commerce as a new revenue stream. The type of E-commerce Manager in demand is one with an IT background and strong commercial acumen. In Hong Kong e-commerce is becoming popular and many businesses want someone who has well-rounded skills to develop the online business.

CRM Managers are needed since an important part of marketing strategy is creating brand loyalty and delivering a unique experience. A CRM Manager with strong analytical sense can develop an effective customer retention strategy and loyalty program so that the company can dedicate marketing resources to generate repeat business.

SEO Managers are also in demand. SEO is an easy way to acquire free traffic and highly qualified customers for an e-commerce platform. An experienced SEO Manager can boost click rates and ranking on search engines, which directly impacts website traffic and helps reduce online advertising costs.

Candidates with CSR experience are another area of demand. This includes Internal Communications Managers, External Communications Managers and Corporate Communications Managers with CSR experience.

Large FMCG organizations are looking to hire Key Account Managers with strong achievements in strategy development. These candidates are in high demand as employers have raised the bar in terms of their hiring standard.

Store Managers are also needed. Given the number of new property developments throughout the region, new flagship stores are opening and require quality store managers. In most demand are trilingual candidates.

Retail Managers are also sought, especially those with direct landlord exposure.

Quality Retail Sales Associates with strong sales technique and language skills are another area of demand.

Wholesale Managers with high tier exposure in China are also sought. However there is a shortage of candidates with realistic salary expectations.