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Sales & Marketing

January - March 2016
Updated: 11 Jan 2016

The range of sales and marketing skills and candidates in demand varies from sector to sector.

Many employers of candidates within the legal sector prefer those from overseas, especially with UK or Australian experience. They also prefer those with near-native English and written Chinese skills to write client proposals and speak with different partners, as well as the confidence and ability to network effectively. Many senior candidates within the legal sector are seeking employment outside the industry, especially to jump to one of the Big 4 consulting firms.

The insurance and retail banking markets are heavily focused on data and insights which is driving demand for market research, consumer insight, CRM and data analytics professionals. Employers are flexible about candidates’ backgrounds and place higher value on skills. Most positions available are permanent and local candidates with local knowledge are preferred.

As more budget is allocated to online marketing, there is an increase in demand for digital marketing managers with a proven track record of developing strategic online marketing campaigns that convert into sales and traffic.

Due to this continued growth in online marketing, companies are also looking for SEO specialists to improve search rankings organically.

In addition, branding and communications will continue be an area of demand. Candidates who have handled rebranding campaigns will have an advantage.

On the corporate communications side, we have seen more junior positions become available and experienced candidates with solid internal communications, employee engagement and events experience are as usual in high demand.

Last but not least, product marketing candidates in financial services are still in short supply as it is a position that requires strong product knowledge and a related industry background.

Candidates with an all-round ability certainly have more opportunities in the market. Branding, digital marketing, digital communications, internal communications and marketing campaigns are just some of the skills in demand. Senior marketing professionals are expected to have a level of broad all-round experience.

Many candidates looking for a change this year are reaching out to find out where the demand lies. Candidates looking for new roles seek career advancement opportunities and employers with a solid grounding that can offer job security.