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Human Resources

October - December 2015
Updated: 16 Oct 2015

Over the October to December 2015 quarter we expect high demand for HR professionals prepared to work with the business to meet its goals.

Candidates are advised to showcase their relevant hard skills on their CVs as well as their soft skills over the coming quarter if they want to land job interviews. Candidates need to demonstrate their experience to fill the available roles so those on the lookout for a new role need to keep this in mind.

In demand are organisational development managers and learning & development managers. Multinationals are increasingly hiring executives locally and so are looking to L&D professionals to train future leaders, develop succession planning and monitor talent development.

International companies are localising their campus recruitment teams as well. For these organisations, having a presence in Hong Kong and Chinese universities is essential if they want to attract quality graduates looking to work in MNCs but on local salary packages.

Companies developing business relationships with China want HR staff able to speak Mandarin and English as well as Cantonese.

We are also seeing low but steady use of temporary staff especially for maternity cover. And for
managerial roles, companies are very open to hiring candidates relocating to Hong Kong particularly from Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Strong client facing skills are a must too as business leaders are now placing a higher value on what HR brings to the table. The most successful candidate is comfortable working alongside senior business leaders to challenge their thinking and to make recommendations.

Overall, we are seeing increased demand for HR professionals able to work as business partners to the organisation. Many medium-sized companies are even changing the name of their HR Manager roles to HR Business Partners.

The HR Business Partner is also in demand to help manage HR shared services. As HR operations move overseas, savvy organisations are using an experienced HR Business Partner to act as the interface between a shared service vendor and the business. The value HR can offer in this role is well understood by senior management helping to drive up candidate demand. To be successful in securing such a role, candidates need to be strategic thinkers with high-level client facing skills willing to work in close proximity to a dedicated business unit. Such HR professionals possess a more comprehensive understanding of business requirements, which they leverage to advise the business.

On the candidate side, many HR professionals are looking for quality business partner roles. However, as demand for HR business partners has risen, candidates prefer to use recruiters to avoid irrelevant applications in their search for the right role.