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Where the jobs are: Hays releases its quarterly hotspots list

Updated: 01 Mar 2014

Management reporting, asset management and digital marketingprofessionals are in demand as organisations in Hong Kong invest selectively in headcount to drive business growth, according to recruiting experts Hays in Hong Kong. 

The recruiter has released its latest Hays Quarterly Hotspots list of jobs in demand in Hong Kong, and a driving factor is the focus of organisations on making changes and growing their business.
“Employers are looking for people who can help them make informed business decisions,” says Marc Burrage, Regional Director of Hays in Hong Kong. “Business development remains a focus, as does maintaining costs where possible.
“Demand is not evident in every function in every location, but there are pockets of specific skill shortages,” he said.
“Employers are replacing departing staff and making selective staff investments in roles that can add immediate value to their business.”
But he warns that employers have high expectations when they recruit. “Employers will only make job offers to the top tier candidates. They are still looking for specific skills and background that matches their industry.”
According to the Hays Quarterly Hotspots list, demand exists for the following skilled professionals in Hong Kong:
  • Management reporting candidates – Given current global economic conditions, companies need to make informed business decisions. As a result, management reporting specialists are sought to assist in formulating policies and growth initiatives.
  • Regulatory reporting candidates - Candidates with strong regulatory reporting experience are in high demand. Given Basel III requirements and new regulations, liquidity monitoring and balance sheet control pressure is high and regulatory reporting candidates are needed.
  • Landscape Architects - There are very few Registered Landscape Architects in Hong Kong at present, which has led to a skills shortage in this sector.
  • Commercial and Corporate Banking Relationship Managers - There is a high demand in Hong Kong for these candidates, especially those who have experience managing local mid-cap and China corporate clients.
  • Asset Management – Sales and business development are a focal point in the current market as local, Asian and international firms look to expand into new markets. Candidates who are bilingual are still in high demand for these roles however there are also growing opportunities for expatriates.
  • Registered Safety Officers – There is a shortage of professionals from this area in the construction sector and consequently demand continuously outweighs supply.

  • Planning Engineers – Planning professionals have always been in high demand, particularly in the civil construction market. But the requirement for building planners has increased further as contractors aim to bid for new projects for further business development in Hong Kong.
  • Signalling Engineers – Due to the increase in railway construction there has been a spike in demand for signalling and electrical engineers. This is a niche area within the engineering sector with a very small number of experts available.
  • Infrastructure Project Managers – These candidates are in high demand as the majority of banking and financial institutions in the region utilize the benefits of a stronger network and data and voice technologies to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Compensation & Benefits Managers – As C&B is a specialist area, there’s a high demand for these candidates in Hong Kong as finding adequately skill candidates can be challenging. Companies want these professionals to focus on employee compensation and benefits policy-making in order to save costs and retain talent.

  • Mobile Technologies (iOS/Android) – An increase in mobile usage has in turn increased demand for mobile applications and candidates who are experienced in this form of technology.     
  • Pre-Sales Consultants – There is a growing demand for Pre-Sales Consultants from both software vendors, especially those in the ERP space, and system integrators. This suggests a trend that software sales are strong and organisations are looking to outsource some or all of their infrastructure.
  • Underwriting and Claims professionals - With an increase in cases and claims, along with an ageing workforce, we have seen high demand for Underwriting and Claims professionals to accommodate the increased business volumes. Organisations are now investing in training programs in the operations area to develop new talent.
  • Funds Lawyers – Retail, private equity or hedge fund Lawyers are sought by both in-house and private practice. Companies are looking for candidates with Mandarin language skills, five years PQE, fund formation and transactional experience.
  • Project Finance Lawyers – Asset and Project Finance Lawyers at various levels are highly sought after in Hong Kong.
  • Procurement Managers – Due to sudden economic growth procurement requires more managerial level professionals to help regulate contract activities for organisations.
  • Sourcing Managers – China has a great need for these candidates, and as a result many Hong Kong professionals have migrated. This leaves a shortage of candidates for local roles and greater demand for these candidates. 
  • Stable administration candidates – Employers are also looking for candidates with a solid history of tenure with previous employers. They are looking for loyal candidates. They also view highly candidates with MNC experience.
  • Digital Marketing Managers - As there is a growing online sales presence in Hong Kong digital marketing candidates are finding themselves in higher demand.
  • Customer relationship – Candidates who are able to build and maintain customer and supplier relationships are in high demand. This is an essential skill required to develop business and control costs. Given this focus on maintaining relationships, employers are also looking for supply chain candidates with impressive communication skills. They want staff who can communicate effectively with both clients and suppliers to better manage these relationships.
  • Cost control – Companies across all sectors seek candidates with cost control capabilities. This is increasingly necessary given the wider economic climate, as businesses seek to maintain costs where possible. 
For further information see the full Hays Quarterly Hotspots list at
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