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Three top tips for selecting a system to source and engage with the best people

Updated: 01 Mar 2014

There’s an awful lot involved in finding and hiring the right people these days. You need to be a talent scout, the employment interface externally and internally, a Boolean searching blackbelt, a CRM expert and a creative force. Basically anyone with talent in their title is pretty much responsible for ensuring that the company has a great team of people who deliver the necessary competitive advantage critical to getting ahead. It’s complex, complicated and a constant strain on resources and yet effective talent acquisition and engagement is the most important activity most organisations undertake. Surely some of it can be automated?


Yes it can, says Matthew Dickason, Operations Director for RPO providers Hays Resource Management in APAC.  “Modern technology via Cloud based SaaS systems have opened up a new world in the war for talent. The opportunity and open architecture of these systems means we don’t need to accept best in class in one area in exchange for substandard systems in other areas. SaaS systems have essentially done for technology what the industrial revolution did for manufacturing, we can now we use the most efficient effective systems available for discreet elements of the talent ecosystem.”


Speaking at the APAC HRO Summit in Singapore yesterday Dickason said, “There are some critical success factors involved in selecting the tools to support the talent team. The systems we use to support this activity are historically ok at one or two aspects of the activity but far from perfect in others. As a result we work around challenges with human intervention, emails and excel files! The inflexibility of this type of system often drives us back to standard, old fashioned recruitment channels and processes because thinking of anything creative ends up being cumbersome to manage and producing a poor candidate experience”.


“The trick is to make sure the technology you select is able to understand who the people are that you are talking to – not just what talent community they belong to. This may sound like a tall order, but an effective solution should accommodate your audience as individuals and enable communication that is appropriate to them, where they are in the talent engagement process and where you want them to be.”


Dickason’s three top tips for selecting the right technology for your organisation:


1. Consider your overall digital “ecosystem” – have you got the right people and the optimum processes in place? Critical to review before you start selecting systems. Technology is only an enabler after all.

2. Any solution needs to be viewed against the full range of interaction points - Target audience, objectives, metrics, IT, marketing, user journeys, employer branding, risk and compliance.

3. It needs to be social. Of course, but it also needs to be integrated and flexible, not so rigid that the “next big thing” which is undoubtedly just around the corner cannot be easily added.


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